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Lip Aftercare Kit 

-After 24 hours you may use the sugar scrub 1-2 times daily (AM & PM is recommended)

-Sugar scrub only needs to be used if you are noticing your lips are chapped/dry

-Apply arnica gel after exfoliating. There may be tingling after application (this is normal)

-After arnica gel dries, apply A&D balm (do this 2-3x daily for bruising)

-Vitamin A&D balm may be used as a daily lip moisturizer even after the healing process has finished 

-Jelly lip mask may be applied after 24 hours. It is recommended to store it in the fridge if a cooling effect is desired

-Jelly eye mask may be applied whenever desired. For optimal results store in the fridge for a cooling/de-puffing effect

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