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Teeth Whitening


  1. It is recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned before coming into your appointment. That way you get the best results possible.

  2. If possible please brush your teeth before your appointment.

  3. Bring some headphones so you can listen to music or a podcast while your teeth are whitening.

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  1. Follow up appointments must be scheduled at least 7 days apart.

  2. Teeth may be sensitive after treatment. Use sensitive toothpaste (Sensodyne), or Orajel to help with your sensitivity. You can also take Ibuprofen or Tylenol to help.

  3. If sensitive, avoid acidic foods (oranges, lemons, juices, etc) until sensitivity has dissipated.

  4. Avoid any dark or red colored beverages/food for at least 24 hours (ketchup, pasta sauce, red wine, etc.) It is recommended to use a straw if dark beverages are consumed to prevent re-staining of the teeth.

  5. No smoking for at least 24hrs. 

  6. After 2 hours you may brush your teeth & floss. This will help remove any residual stains leftover.

  7. It is recommended to come in once every 6 months for a maintenance session. Preferably a couple days after your biannual dental cleaning appointment so the whitening product can work much better.

*seek regular professional dental hygiene care to maintain oral health & keep staining to a minimum*

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